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We charge £240 Full Load

£140 Half Load

£80 Quarter Load

£20 Minimum Charge

*all prices exclude vat.

24 Hour 7 Day Service available
on request.
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Rubbish can easily build up around the house. After awhile, you will have a great big pile of rubbish that your ordinary garbage pickup won't be able to take for you. If they do, it will go straight to a landfill and then cause harm to the environment. This is where London Rubbish Collectors come into play. We not only remove large quantities of garbage and material from your building, but we  do it in a way that is good for the environment. Instead of just dumping all of the rubbish into a landfill and polluting the earth, rubbish removal companies in London will recycle it for you after it is removed.

That way you can be sure the rubbish you let build up won't become a hazard for the environment, but rather a way to protect it by having it recycled with a rubbish removal service. If you are working in construction and have a lot of big pieces of rubbish to get rid of, then London Rubbish Collectors are the perfect choice.

We will get rid of big construction materials, harmful chemicals and other non-biodegradable materials that destroy the environment. You can even choose to get daily rubbish collection in London if you frequently need to throw garbage away, so that you don't let it pile up over a long period of time.

You may be wondering, "Why is rubbish removal so important to have in London?" Well, just look at the population of the city. London has over seven million people living there and it is also one of the biggest cities in the world. That means you have millions of people throwing away trash and possibly littering all over the place.

The landfill sites in London are already at their limits because there is only so much rubbish that can be stacked up high. London Rubbish Collectors help avoid making the existing landfills worse or letting new ones get created.

All of the trash in the landfill just lies underground for many years. With all of the recycling technology we have available, there is no need for people to throw away rubbish that ends up in a landfill. London Rubbish Collectors believe in keeping the environment healthy by recycling your trash for you.

Did you know that about 90% of all waste that comes from a home is recyclable? It would be a shame to see the chance to recycle wasted on carelessness. People who contribute to recycling are doing even more than just helping their environment. They are doing their civic duty by caring for their city and keeping it clean.
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London Rubbish Collectors
Mobile: 0780 864 4487
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